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Image: A frustrated boy surrounded by piles of homework and books, unsure where to start. Represents the challenges of time-blindness in students. WEOTime provides a solution for effective time management.

Time-blindness poses a widespread challenge, particularly among neurodivergent (ND) children, resulting in overlooked assignments, diminishing academic grades, and lasting repercussions such as unemployment and limited earning capabilities.

Effectively addressing time-blindness is paramount, impacting not only academic achievements but also future opportunities. The demand for solutions is substantial, given the hurdles faced by ND children and other students in their school years.

WEOTime emerges as a dedicated solution to confront time-blindness directly. It furnishes tools and assistance tailored for ND learners and the broader school-aged community.

WEOTime extends its benefits to all school-aged children without discrimination.

Supported by empirical data and research, we are actively tackling a pressing issue with a solution that holds far-reaching potential.

Image: A focused girl doing homework with an open notebook, pen, and a stack of books beside her. The background features a blurred bookcase with a variety of books. Illustrates the calm concentration of a student at work with WEOTime support.

Revolutionizing Time Management for Every Student

WEOTime transcends being solely a remedy for neurodivergent learners; it’s crafted to enhance the learning experience for students across all age groups, spanning from elementary school to post-secondary education. This is accomplished through our pioneering three-phase methodology, fortified by an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven domain-specific mastery system (DSMS).

Image: High-school student studying with open notebooks, holding a pen, wearing a dark blue cable-knit sweater. Background features a blurred bookcase filled with books, creating a focused and academic atmosphere.

Elements and Operations in the Short Term:

  • Prompt Assistance: WEOTime initiates support right from the outset, even with minimal user data.
  • Task Segmentation: It dissects tasks into achievable ‘Sprints’ and prioritizes them, guaranteeing nothing is overlooked.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Users configure fundamental details such as focus time and rest intervals through an intuitive interface.
Image: Elementary-school aged girl studying at a glass table with an open laptop and notebook. Sunlit ultra-modern apartment background creates a bright and inviting learning environment.

Elements and Operations in the Mid-Term:

  • Ongoing Adaptation: WEOTime assimilates your preferences, encompassing favored courses and study practices.
  • Boosting Motivation: It tailors your schedule to maintain motivation, incentivizing the completion of tasks.
  • Time Management Introduction: Students are acquainted with concepts such as chunking and time visualization.
Image: Confident teenage girl with a pen in hand and open notebooks. Her slight smile reflects determination and readiness for learning.

Elements and Operations in the Long Term:

  • Empowering Users: WEOTime systematically enables users to construct their own schedules.
  • Gradual Transition: It offers structured support during the transition towards complete user control.
  • Lifetime Mastery of Time Management Skills: Over the long term, WEOTime imparts skills for users to proficiently manage their time independently.
Our approach is not just about short-term fixes; it's a comprehensive journey toward developing lifelong time management skills.
Image: Portrait of Ric Sack, Founder and CEO. A headshot capturing his leadership and vision. Illustrates the face behind our organization.
Ric Sack
Founder & CEO