We Are More Than A Startup

We are a mission-driven endeavor

We acknowledge that neurodivergent (ND) learners frequently experience the world as overwhelming and challenging. Conventional educational systems often encounter difficulties in effectively addressing the executive functioning of neurodivergent individuals, contributing to heightened feelings of negative self-worth.

Image: A male teacher stands in the center of a classroom. Students are seated at desks, engaged in tasks. Background is slightly blurred, capturing the classroom atmosphere. Represents a teacher facilitating learning in a dynamic environment.
Image: Three individuals in a modern office setting. One person stands while the others sit at a table with scattered coffee cups and papers. Each person has an open laptop. Background features a blue motif, capturing a collaborative work environment.

Our Mission and Approach:

We are committed to leveraging, concentrating, and advancing technology and resources that enable neurodiverse learners to flourish in a neurotypical world with enhanced agency, improved health, and reduced anxiety.

At WEOTime, our actions align with our principles. We embody:

  • Empathy and Courage
  • Innovation and Consistency
  • Agility and Determination

Our Vision:

Playing a leading role in making the world less big and scary for ND learners while empowering them/us to independently thrive while reducing the need for medication.